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Hercules in Lyric Theatre OKC's Disney's When You Wish:

"Equally charismatic is Perry Sook as Hercules, one of the few men who get a fair amount of solo singing time. He takes full advantage of the opportunity."

-Robert Barossi (Broadway World July 12, 2017)


 Dwayne in Garland Summer Musicals' 9 to 5:

"Hearing [Perry's] beautiful baritone voice, add to that [his] energetic performance Sat nite, the show needed-no-demanded a duet number between Dwayne and Kim Borge. The creators missed a great chance to explore Dwayne married to such a beautiful woman. He may have had a featured role in the show, but shined as brightly as the leads!"

-John Garcia (The Column Dallas July 23, 2013)


Lindquist in PFamily Arts' A Little Night Music:

"Pfamily Arts’s crew warbles strongly. The two men, Perry Sook and Brock Johnson, boast voices of operatic quality."

-Lawson Taitte (Dallas Morning News April 19, 2013)


Bill Sikes at Lyric Theatre OKC's Oliver!:

"In Lyric's season opener, the standout performances belong to Nancy, Bill Sikes and the Artful Dodger.
. Perry Sook is a standout, both vocally and well-characterized, as Sikes, “a villain in his prime” as Bart describes him."

-Rick Rogers  (The Oklahoman June 22nd,2011)

 Miles Gloriosus in "...Forum" at The University of Oklahoma:

"Surprisingly powerful, thanks in no small part to his killer voice, is Perry Sook as the narcissistic and awesomely ridiculous Miles Gloriosus."

-Eric Webb  (The Oklahoma Gazette February 23rd 2011)

"Perry Sook was wonderfully outrageous as Miles Gloriosus, the Roman officer and 'a legend in his own mind...' "

-John Brandenburg  (The Oklahoman February 23rd, 2011)

 Soloist in 'The Music of Andew Lloyd Webber' at the University of Oklahoma:

"It's nearly impossible to single out musical highlights because every selection merited praise. And while space prevents any kind of detailed commentary, none lacked distinction and all deserved more than a passing commentary. However, Storm Lineberger and Perry Sook truly captured the essence of their characters in “Starlight Express,” the combination of their voices often reminding me of seeing the original Broadway production in 1988."

-Rick Rogers  (The Oklahoman April 14th 2011)

It's quite the challenge to play a green ogre in the touring production of "Shrek the Musical." Perry Sook jokes that he puts on 7 pounds of makeup and 65 pounds of costumes to play the famous role. He also re-watched the four "Shrek" animated films to make sure he got the character's mannerisms and speech patterns down. He doesn't want to disappoint fans of the series.

Sook, who graduated from high school in 2010 and is taking a break from studying musical theater at the University of Oklahoma, said he has been a big fan of the original "Shrek" movie since he was a child. He loves the show's message: "It's great to be who you are." Sook says he's honored and blessed to be playing such a great role at such a young age, and he enjoys touring the country with the cast. "It's great waking up in a different place every day," he said. "I'm getting to see the whole nation and getting to see places I wouldn't necessarily go to." Sook enjoys seeing the audiences' reactions to the show. There are lots of great scenes, including when the giant dragon comes out and when all the fairy tale creatures sing a song together.
As directed by Steven Sposito, the show is very true to the original 2008 Broadway production. The sets are the same used in New York and in the show's first national tour, Sook said. "The production is great quality," Sook said. "It's very fun and it looks like a full Broadway production."

- The Modesto Bee



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